Thursday, June 12, 2014

Third Anniversary, Dad's Birthday, and Father's Day

We've had a pretty busy week in the Payne house.

Last weekend, Will attended his baby sister's high school graduation while I was in Sweetwater for my mom's 30th dance recital.

I really wanted to do something special for my mom's 30th recital.. but with the kind of year we had, time simply got away from me. I decided a video would be the best way to say congratulations! I got a group of her past students together on Facebook, and it went from there. I ended up with over 10 videos from past dancers, which I showed at recital. Mom cried the whole time, so my goal was accomplished. Here's a copy of the video, incase you wanted to check it out.

Since I was in Sweetwater last weekend, I decided to give my daddy his birthday and father's day present early. Go ahead and put me down for the best daughter ever..... I got presale tickets to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers for him! Now the fight is on to see who has to take him.....I've got my money on Will. :)

Yesterday was our 3rd wedding anniversary. In one way, it seems like it just happened yesterday, but in another way it feels like we've been together forever. We decided to try a place we hadn't been before, and ended up at The Capital Grille. It was a fancy, dark, fantastic restaurant in downtown Fort Worth. It's pretty pricey, so I'd only recommend it for special occasions. When I called to make reservations, they asked what the occasion was. I told them and they definitely made us feel special when we showed up. Our table was decorated with 2 place settings and hearts on the table. Every person that passed us wished us a happy anniversary. It was very sweet and made us feel, well, special. The waitress brought us a fun dessert plate at the end of our meal with a rose for myself. She took our picture and was on her way. When she brought the bill, it had the picture she took of us as well as a card saying happy 3rd anniversary.

Will and I are spending the weekend in Fort Worth, hopefully we'll find some fun stuff to get in to.

Happy Thursday y'all!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

They're Coming!

I'm probably over-excited about people coming to visit us this month.... but I just can't help it!

We've got a busy month which includes our first over night guests! Although my immediate family has been to our new house in Fort Worth, Will's haven't. He mentioned that they plan on coming in 2 weeks, which makes me super excited! I love when family visits, especially Will's grandfather. He is so sweet and means so much to Will; I just love it. 

Then, at the end of the month, some of my Midland County Texas Democratic Women are coming to stay the weekend! Since the Democratic State Convention is in Dallas this year, we're all staying at my house, EEK! I've been stressing over getting the guest rooms ready for them, hopefully we'll have the last one done soon.

I'm not the best decorator in town.....okay, I can't decorate at all but I'm trying! I really wanted to do a British theme in one room, but just can't seem to pull it together. Maybe one day, but as of now, it doesn't look like that will happen. Two out of our three guest rooms are almost done, just down to finishing touches.

My sweet friend, Brittany (you have to check out her blog!), is so good at welcoming guests; I strive to be like her in this area! She always has the cutest "welcome!" gifts or notes....I've got to come up with something clever.

How do you prepare for your guests? Do you do something special to make them feel extra welcomed?

Happy Tuesday, y'all. Will and I are both going out of town this weekend, so I won't be on here for a few days. Will's youngest sister, Kristen, is graduating from high school and my mom has her 30th dance recital! Busy, busy, busy.....

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Something A Little Different.....

I wanted to do something different here..... so I decided to do a DIY video!

Some people are really good at taking it step - by - step, taking pictures, and stuff like that, but that isn't my style. Once I start, it's hard for me to stop. :)

Here it is!


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