Tuesday, February 25, 2014

School Night.....

Although I'm no longer in school, I still
call my weeknight's that I have to work the next day "school
nights".... anyone else? No? Okay.

My last post started off with the definition of politics; so let's stick with it.
friend Amanda and I made the long drive to Austin this past weekend to
attend the Texas Democratic Women's Annual Meeting and Convention. We
got in too late Friday to attend the Friday night festivities; but boy
am I glad. We decided to hit the hotel bar up since nothing else was
going on and I wasn't about to get back in my car to drive around Austin
for who knows how long. There was only one other person in the bar
besides me and Amanda; turns out she was from Houston and in town for
the convention as well. While we're talking to her, I spot someone
walking by in the corner of my eye.... as I take a good look, I see
Senator Leticia Van De Putte. I really tried not to freak out, so
instead I geeked out. Sorry, couldn't help it. I immediately yell
"LETICIA!!!!" while waving my arms like an idiot.... luckily she was
nice and didn't mind me yelling in the hotel. She mentioned she had to
take her stuff to her room and that she'd come back. I kind of thought
that I had scared her away by how ridiculous I reacted to seeing her,
but she came back.

*Breathe, Leah......BREATHE!*

what I kept thinking to myself as Senator Van De Putte pulled a stool
up next to me. The restaruant was already closed so she didn't have
another choice for dinner besides the bar. As she sits next to me, I
casually ask her about her day and what she had been up to. Here's where
I just have to say, if you don't know who Senator Van De Putte
is..............just watch this:

This video was during the SB 5 filibuster on June 26, 2013. I sat on my couch, watching in silence via livestream while this happened. It was a heart breaking step backwards for Texas women that night and something I'll never forget.

Senator Van De Putte had dinner and talked to us for a little over an hour about anything and everything. It was such a wonderful night and I'll be forever grateful for all that she has done for the women in Texas.

Early voting in Texas is NOW! If you haven't voted, please go to the polls and do so.

Election Day is Tuesday, March 4th.

See you at the polls.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Thanks for a simple, sweet note....

I ran the Swiffer Duster around before I started this post... you're welcome.

It's been quite some time since I last posted here.... my life has been a little crazy lately, to say the least.

Thanks to my sweet friend, old neighbor, and fellow blogger, Brittany, I decided it was time to get back to what helped me unwind after a busy week; blogging. Also, these cute hair ties put a smile on my face; thanks again Britt!

With that being said; let me explain my absence from the blog world....

1) Politics
The dictionary has the following definition for this word: 1.the science or art of political government. 2. the practice or profession of conducting political affairs. 
What they really meant to say was: 1. something you should never bring up with family, friends, or co-workers. 2. something that will eventually take over all aspects of your life and free time.

After attending The Young Democrats of America national convention in August, the "2" definition became 110% true. My life outside of work has become nothing but politics. Being the Vice Chair of the Midland County Democratic Party has been absolutely wonderful; I have met so many fantastic people and really become involved within our community. The things I learn on a daily basis from each person I encounter because of this position is amazing and I wouldn't change it for anything. From September to November, I volunteered for local county races; which was a great experience. In the middle of November, I was asked by a local county official and active Democrat to be his campaign manager..... at first, I was hesitant because this was something totally new for me.... how could someone ask me of all people to do this job? After thinking about it, and talking to other fellow volunteers, I decided to take the "job". Talk about WORK. Geeze! Although I'm absolutely loving being a campaign manager, I'm ready for a weekend to myself, on the couch, with my dogs. Our race ends March 4th.....

2) Family
As many of you know, I'm an only child, of an only child; which means family gatherings have always been small :) My sweet grandmother has been extremely ill for the past few months... so with what little time I have between work and politics, I've been spending my time with my family; I'm sure y'all understand this one.

3) Life in general.
Literally. This is the first time since November I've sat down, by myself, and just sat. It feels.... like I'm forgetting to do something, honestly. I'm sure it will come to me at 2AM.

Thanks for sticking around and reading this till the end, and thanks to Brittany for the sweet note; I definitely needed this.

See y'all soon; promise.

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