Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Place for Friends, Family, and Dreams

It's July.
{ Let that sink in for a second...... }

June is, as always, a crazy busy month for this Payne family. Between my mom's annual dance recital, our anniversary, my dad's birthday, Father's Day, and the State Democratic Convention every other year, June just seems to fly by us!

While I could bore you with photos from the State Democratic Convention... I decided to post about our house. Although this is not our first home together, it's a special one. This house is a new start for us, in a new place, with nothing but new people. Will and I moved to Fort Worth without knowing anyone; which has proven to be a challenge at times.

When we were telling our friends and families about our move to Fort Worth, it never failed that one of us, if not both, would say "we can't wait for you to come visit us!". Finally, 4 of my friends from Midland accepted that offer, which means I had to get my butt in gear!

I am not a decorator. Let me repeat, I AM NOT A DECORATOR. So, of course, decorating a house this big was a challenge for me. My main goal was making sure that the guest bedrooms were complete. I had a vision for a British themed guest room, but just couldn't seem to pull it together. Maybe in the future.....

In the meantime, how about some photos?

Once I get the rest of the house "together" I'll share those with you. Until then, I'm off to prepare for my parents to visit! Just got the call they are on their way :)

Happy Fourth of July Weekend!

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Brittany said...

LEAH! You did an AMAZING job on these rooms!!! I really love them. All the special touches go such a long way. The, so cute. You say you're not a decorator but this disproves that theory! Your house is gorgeous!


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